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The original music drama—Mistakes in Flower Festival will initiate its first performance in Taiwan

  the signing ceremony


  The signing ceremony of the performance of Mistakes in Flower Festival(《花田错错错》) in Taiwan was grandly held at CMA’s Lecture Hall 3 in the afternoon of August 21, 2012.

  Mistakes in Flower Festival was originally created by senior class of 2008 in undergraduate acting program of Film/TV & Drama School at CMA. Lin Zhenguo, Artistic Director and General Manager of Taipei Blue Sky Video Art Co., Ltd., and Li Gang, President of CMA, as well as the music drama’s leading writers presented the signing ceremony, which was covered on the spot by news media including Sina, Tencent, Netease, Beijing Daily, Beijing Youth, and Beijing Culture & Art Radio, etc.

  The drama’s inspiration comes from the libretto written by Beijing Opera master Xun Huisheng according to one chapter of Water Margin (《水浒》).

  The tour to Taiwan is intended to promote academic exchanges and mutual understanding between relevant colleges and professionals across Taiwan Strait, inspire creativity, cultivate more talents and push the exchange and development of arts and performance both in mainland and Taiwan.

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