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  Why choose CMA?
  Specialty and Tuition
Various professional certificates and multi-level academic diplomas

    Beijing Contemporary Music Academy (CMA) adheres to a sustainable development strategy of combination of privately-run education and state-run education, cooperation of domestic education resource and foreign education resource, integration of art education and science & technology education, and complementation of vocational training and elite education.

    CMA has now become a comprehensive education group qualified to issue full-time undergraduate diploma (Bachelor Degree), undergraduate-equivalent diploma (Bachelor Degree) including the upgrade from undergraduate level of adult higher education to full-time undergraduate level and the upgrade from 2 or 3-year associate college level to full-time undergraduate level, associate college diploma, associate college diploma & undergraduate diploma of distance education, vocational training certificates, etc.

    CMA is approved to offer more than 30 kinds of professional certificates, which strongly ensure student’s employment. At present, the education cooperation between CMA and 5 state-run colleges including Central Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory, China Communication University, Beijing Dance Academy, and Jilin College of the Arts has been carried out. CMA has become the off-campus study center of the 5 colleges with the authorization of sectors charge of education administration. CMA’s on-campus students can earn the undergraduate diploma of the 5 colleges and universities by completing adult higher education or distance higher education. Those qualified will be awarded the Bachelor Degree by the 5 colleges.

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