Recording Art

  The department has been founded over 10 years. It takes music recording as the main tr
aining direction, which is the first example among the present domestic art colleges and univ
ersities. The establishment goal of recording art is to training the first-class technician of mu
sic recording, the sound director, designer of acoustics and sound field, sound tuner, the ma
nager of network music and ring music, etc. With the rapid development of music industry an
d film and TV industry, those specialties have already become one of the most popular speci
alties in the communication industry.


  Music Record
  Design and Adjusting Technology of Sound
  Design and Management of Environment Music


  The Piano (required course), Solfeggio, Music Rationale, The Pronunciation of Symphony
Score, Instrumentation, Contemporary Rhythm, The Analysis of Works, MIDI Production, the Tr
aining of Aural Understanding, The Basic of Electrician, Electronic Technology, Multimedia Tec
hnique, The Digital Audio Technology, The Analysis and Removing of Fault, Stage Sound and
Project, Electron Circuitry, The Basic of Computer and The Network Design, The Basic of Acou
stics and Recording Acoustics, The Equipment of Recording Sound, The Technology and Art
of Recording, the Subjective Appraisal of Timbre, The Sound Project, Music Recording, The S
ound Design of Broadcast and Television, The Digital Audio Workstation, Business Affairs of
Music, Copyright Management etc.




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