Music Media institute

¡¡¡¡Following the rise and development of 20th century¡¯s disc industry, the humanity has ente
red the age of digitized life. Because of the stereo recording, the electron music, and compute
r, the flow of music production has had the revolutionary change. Since the plane creation, the computer manufacture and music synthesis caused music production to become the integrat
ion, music production has become the discipline of modern and full of vitality. The music of 21
st century has already entered the times of computer music. Since ten years, the institute h
as already received student¡¯s general acceptance. After graduation, most of our students have
entered the employment domain like a duck to water, and also got favors generally from the companies.


¡¡¡¡Music and Lyric Creation, MIDI Music Production, Record Production and Publication Issue, Network Music and Ring Production, The Piano (required course), Improvisatori Accompany of t
he Piano, Solfeggio, Music Rationale, Classical Chorus, Jazz Chorus, Counterpoint, The Analys
is of Music Form, The Analysis of Music Works, Lyrics Composing, Cantus Composing, Contem
porary Cantus, Contemporary Rhythm, Instrumentation, Orchestration, The Basic Theory of MIDI,
MIDI Production, The Basic of Sound, Music Recording, The Basic of Computer and The Network Design, Recording Production, Business Affairs of Music, Copyright Management ect.



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