Beijing Contemporary of music school

  Beijing Contemporary of music school was founded in 1993, which has national qualifications and approved by Beijing educational comission.
  The school was mainly cultivate senior art talents,its specility included Music Media, Music Performance,Dancing Performance, Film Performance,film production, and so on.
  The school has around 500 students, 150 teachers, 12 foreign teachers and guestprofessor.which located liyuan ,TongZHou district,Beijing.It was the largest art school in Beijing,which own international modern teaching equipments.
the whole coverage of campus is around 150 Mu.The total floor space of buildings accounts for 40,000 square meters and possesses internationalization practical and training bases, professional equipments and facilities: studio of 4000 square meters , 180 international standard musical instrument rooms, 12 standard dance practicing halls, audio studio, video studio, MIDI studio, keyboard of two-row studio, electric piano studio, film and TV production studio, animation production center etc.
  During several years ,the school has high quality teachers and special characteristics,combine modern art with traditional art ,western and eastern arts.The school handle with closed managements,employed many foreign teachers who came from Uk,USA,Korea.they could communicate with each other.
  students must have some tranings before they came to school, and they have three cards on themselves,the aim was to record the histroy of student's growing.the school always holding some meeting to student's parents,so the parents could know well about their child's cases in the school.


Pop singing department
Modern dance department
Mmusical department
Musical education department
Wwestern-wind department
Western-ochestra department
New folk music department
Jazz department
Music production department
Recording art department
Dancing department
International dancing department
Performance department
Art department
Talking and singing department
TV &Film department
Art management department


Recording skill
performance skill
photograph production
music business management
Chinese popular music history
Western popular music history
Rolk music history
Jazz music history
Advertisement production








Popular Singing institute
Music Education institute
Jazz  institute
Music Media  institute
International Dancing institute
Art Design institute
Film TV and Theatre institute
Beijing contemporary of music school